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Terms of Use

Website Terms of Use

Website Terms of Use

When you browse the site, you undertake to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned, and our news site has the right to amend these terms at any time, so please view this page from time to time to see the updates that occur to it.

 Site contents

* website alone has the right to license the use, copying, or re-publishing of some of the articles on its website.

* The contents of the site are intended for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

* Some of the materials published on the site belong to a third party who has the right to dispose of and protect them (such as pictures of photo agencies), and Akhbarna allows the use of these materials, except for cases where they are used for commercial purposes.

Use of the site

* The site should be used within the framework of the legislation and laws in force in Morocco.

* disclaims its legal and moral responsibility with regard to the accuracy, validity and integrity of the materials displayed on the site that are not signed by the editorial board, and does not provide any guarantees or warnings about their reliability.

 * From time to time, our website may block access to some or all parts of its website.

External links

* External links on the site, whether inside articles or through advertisement links, is keen to be of interest to the reader, but it does not bear responsibility for the content of those links or what may result from accessing them from damages to the user's device, or any other damages.

Comments and interactive tools

* This site allows the user to "interact" (upload files, comment on articles, communicate, correspond...) which is known as "interactive tools".

* The browser that uses these interactive tools must have previously agreed to the following terms and conditions:

1- Not to violate the applicable laws or to incite others to violate them.

2 - Defamation and insult, harassment and harassment, threats and violation of the legal rights of others (such as privacy rights).

3- It is not allowed to publish or distribute materials, information or links that violate the rights of third parties, or that are pornographic, vulgar and indecent, or that are prohibited and illegal.

4 -The user is solely responsible for publishing or distributing materials, links, information or opinions that incite violence and sectarianism and do not respect religions, or offend national symbols and constants.

5 - Not to send spam messages to anyone.

6 - Not to upload or attach files that contain viruses, improper files, or similar malicious programs that destroy the operating system of another person's computer.

7 - Comments and materials displayed on the site should not be considered advice to be followed.

8 -The comments space on the site is a space for serious and constructive discussion and not just a space for writing.

9 - Our news site has the right to modify or delete all posts that do not comply with these provisions, and it has the right to do so with or without reason.

service continuity

* Our news site Nus24 is keen to provide a permanent service around the clock, but this does not mean a guarantee of permanent continuity of the site’s work or the absence of errors in the system, or the obligation to fix those errors, as well as the freedom of the site from viruses, as well as the accuracy and credibility of the materials published on it.

miscellaneous provisions

* The above-mentioned conditions are effective from the moment you enter the site,