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10 Useful Home Improvement Apps


10 Useful Home Improvement Apps

Today there's an app for everything, including planning and executing home projects. If you have a smart device, you can use it to take measurements, find a pin, or plan a complete makeover. Here are some great options to consider. 

10 Useful Home Improvement Apps

1:Houzz Home Design and Remodel

This very popular app is very popular for a reason - it provides a comprehensive set of resources for improving or designing your home. You can share photos with your family or other enthusiasts, find professionals to rent, determine where your new carpet will look best, or just find inspiration.

2:IHandy Carpenter Toolbox on your phone

10 Useful Home Improvement Apps

It's an app that you'll want to save for basic maintenance and weekend warrior tasks that you don't have Regardless of your experience level, iHandy Carpenter makes it easy to measure, plan, and set up with five tools. '' at the touch of a finger: a plumb line, a surface level, a spirit level, a protractor and a ruler.

3:IScape Landscaping Application Planning

the landscaping portion of a home improvement also requires design skills. Get into iScape, a well-reviewed app that lets you design the entire landscape before you put a shovel in the ground. Your completed project can be easily shared with your spouse, friends and entrepreneur. You can even order supplies with the Buy and Ship feature. 

4:Home Improvement Calculations 

Every home owner knows that planning is an essential step in any DIY project. Home Improvement Calculations provides over 170 calculators in one place. how much gravel or bark mulch you'll need, plus quick calculations when working with concrete or brick, electrical conversion, rough framing, or HVAC systems.You will find calculators for linear, square, cubic, degree, step and slope measurements.

5:ProjectColor by Home

10 Useful Home Improvement Apps

Depot Choosing paint colors can be a frustrating task. Home Depot aims to make it less with tools to see the room before the paint hits the wall. ProjectColor lets you take color photos on your wall, bed, or sofa and provides color matching tips.


You can browse, find sample pieces to use as inspiration, and save your favorite color options. you know and have secretly spent too much time reviewing. It's the ultimate ideas site (and app) and a great starting point for any DIY project, from crafts to kitchen remodeling.Owned by Angie's List.


is packed with information relating to the services of local contractors. If you're looking for someone who works at any level of home care, you can locate, verify, ask questions, and schedule contractors through the app.

8:Home outside

10 Useful Home Improvement Apps

This is another way to design your landscape using 700 preloaded elements that you can rearrange however you like. Fill your virtual space before committing to the cost and labor to complete the physical space. In addition to trees, shrubs, and flowers, you can design your own decks, walkways, fireplaces, and more, and then place them in different areas until the plan works for you. 


Especially in the growing era of internet shopping, Wayfair has made a name for itself as the quintessential “find it here” home and garden. get a better view of what it will look like in your space using a 3D room simulator.This room planning feature makes the job much easier if you decide between multiple rooms or if you set up the best layout. line up multiple frames on a wall.

10:Photo Measurements 

Going back to the planning stages, this app measures your room with a simple image of the space, then stores this information on your phone when you buy wallpaper, paint, flooring, cabinets or cabinets. sofas. 

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