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Afghanistan: The fate of the Panjshir Valley is balanced amid the paralysis of fierce fighting.


Afghanistan: The fate of the Panjshir Valley is balanced amid the paralysis of fierce fighting.

 One of the leaders of the resistance, Amrullah Saleh, denied claims that he had fled, but said the situation was "difficult." It is said that hundreds of people were killed in the fighting in Panjshir.

Afghanistan: The fate of the Panjshir Valley is balanced amid the paralysis of fierce fighting.

 In Kabul and other cities, several people were killed and others injured in holiday gunfire, with reports indicating that the Panjshir Valley, north of the capital Kabul, is one of the country's smallest provinces. 

Afghanistan and the only province not captured. Taliban. and it is hidden behind the peaks. His father fought successfully against the invasion of the Soviet Union in the 1980s and the Taliban in the 1990s.In a video message sent by the BBC, Saleh, a former vice president of Afghanistan, said there were casualties on both sides. 

“There is no doubt that we are in a difficult situation. We are under Taliban invasion, ”he said. But he added: “We are not giving up, we are for Afghanistan. He said he shared the video to convince people that the reports that he left the country were false. However, the BBC was unable to independently confirm his whereabouts.

 "Ali Nazari, spokesman for the National Resistance Front (FTS) fighters, told BBC World News that the rebels were pushing the Taliban with their hind legs." More than a few hundred Taliban are trapped. And they are running out of ammunition and discussing the terms of their surrender.

 " "He said. But Taliban officials declared victory in the region, and one of the commanders told Reuters:“ By the grace of Allah Almighty, we control all of Afghanistan.The rebels have been defeated and Panjshir is now under our command. ANALYSIS: What the rise of the Taliban means for Pakistan. : Kabul Makeup Artist: The Taliban now control the rest of the country and are expected to announce a new government in the coming days. 

The EU also said it plans to re-establish a diplomatic presence in Kabul to oversee the evacuation and ensure that the new Afghan government fulfills its obligations on issues such as security and human rights. The BBC's public relations director Josep Borrell said that any hostilities will be conducted under strict conditions and will be aimed solely at helping the Afghan people. 

in Kabul, he said that while the Taliban are seeking international recognition, they are seeking it on their own terms.Our reporter adds that if the West does not want to deal with them, they can turn to other great powers such as China, Russia and Pakistan.

 Meanwhile, the Taliban reportedly issued a strict order banning aerial shooting following unconfirmed reports of at least 17 deaths from holiday shooting in Kabul and elsewhere. An Afghan, UK-eligible, who is stuck in Kabul, told the BBC that when the shooting began Friday night, "people scattered in all directions, like in a still from a movie." He said he kept moving until his legs went numb, "thinking this was the last journey of his life."