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Morocco-China: A partnership of support and solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus


Morocco and China: A partnership of support and solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus

Thursday July 1st, 2021 - 09:30 PM

The Chinese Ambassador to Morocco praised the cooperation between Beijing and Rabat in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, "support" and "solidarity" which has made China the first partner in vaccination of Morocco. The plan to set up a Chinese vaccine factory in Morocco is on "stand by".

Morocco has obtained doses of the vaccine widely from Chinese manufacturer Sinopharm, whose vaccine has been licensed by the World Health Organization. And faced with the supply problems of AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccines, encountered because of the resurgence of the epidemic in India where the main manufacturer, the company SII is located, Morocco has found in China the doses necessary to continue its national campaign. vaccination.

"After the outbreak of the epidemic in Morocco and even in China we showed each other support and solidarity in this battle against covid-19," Ambassador Li Changlin said in a statement to Hespress FR.

"China has lent a hand to Morocco so that it can acquire medical equipment in China, for the exchange of experiences between experts in Morocco and China and finally, we are carrying out a cooperation of vaccines with Morocco, ”listed the ambassador appointed to Rabat in April.

Indeed, Morocco was able to undertake, from the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, in March, measures to fight against the spread of this virus, and was able to acquire several thousand surgical masks, gloves , as well as electric respirators to deal with the urgent epidemiological threat.

"In any case, China is ready to give its expertise and its experiences with Morocco to lead a battle against covid-19," said Li Changlin, at a time when the kingdom is still in the process of vaccinating in turn. arm to reach the vaccination target of 80% of the adult population. Morocco is on track to meet the target of 10 million people receiving at least one dose of the vaccine.

And while there were discussions on the potential implementation of a Chinese vaccine manufacturing plant Sinopharm in Morocco, the project remained at the stage of talks, confirms the ambassador who affirmed that if the project is of interest, discussions should be deepened between the Moroccan authorities and the manufacturer.

"I think we have already discussed this file and I think it is much more between Morocco and the Chinese manufacturer, and I think that for the Chinese Embassy, we are enthusiastic for this kind of cooperation but it is the competent Moroccan authorities to deepen their discussions with the Chinese manufacturer, ”he said on this subject.

China does not hide its interest in deepening its economic partnership with Morocco, a vision that is part of its strategy of its plan for "new silk roads" which affect all countries but in particular Africa, where the China is already establishing its great influence.

China wants to know Morocco's development priorities, explained the Chinese ambassador, that is why the report on the new development model has been translated into Chinese. "We will ensure communication in China to build a stronger economic partnership," he said.